Chocolate and Valentine's Day are inseparable!

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day are inseparable!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide by millions of couples in love. Traditionally, there is an exchange of gifts between both to symbolize what unites them. Although the gift can be anything, it is usually more connected to the couple rather than something personal, unlike the anniversary for example. So, what’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? Chocolate obviously! It can be shared between the couple providing a very sweet moment. Chocolate and Valentine’s Day are inseparable! At least for the vast majority of couples.

This product needs some precautions to maintain its attractiveness. It is imperative to maintain its taste, appearance, smell and colour, characteristics that make it delicious.

METALpack® packaging is ideal for preserving foods that need to completely bar the influence of light, oxygen, and their physical fragility as well. Tinplate cans preserve 100% of the nutritional properties and taste of food.

The packaging is always important, but its power in the purchase decision is unquestionable when the product is a gift. An elegant package, in the ideal colour, with a powerful message in a special format, already wins points at the time of decision. By opting for a metal box as packaging for your chocolates, you are highlighting your product at the POS, increasing the customer’s perception of the product quality, and perpetuating your brand, through packaging, in the consumer’s home. In addition, they are fully customized and an excellent eco-friendly alternative, which adds value to the product because of environmental awareness.