Christmas Metal packaging

Christmas Candy Packaging

Sweets are inseparable from Christmas and so we prepared an article especially dedicated to packaging for Christmas Sweets.

METALpack® packaging is used for several business areas, but some products fit perfectly in our packaging. It is the case of traditional Christmas Cakes, whether they are King Cakes, Queen Cakes, Panettone Cakes, Christmas Trunks, or others. Christmas sweets are fragile products that need to be well packaged to reach the customers’ table in perfect condition.

All METALpack® packaging is produced from tinplate, which has high sealing properties and opacity, being the ideal choice for protecting food both in its properties and physically, preventing them from being crushed at the point of sale. For your product to arrive at your customers’ tables in perfect condition, in an elegant and appealing package, metal packaging is the best option. In addition, they are completely recyclable, adding an environmental component that is highly valued in the market.

The shape, size and personalization of the packaging is studied and produced according to the customer’s needs. All packaging can be fully or partially customized, with various types of personalization and finishes.

We have a special treatment for food packaging that allows direct contact with food.