What is the minimum quantity per order?

For orders of fully customized products in 4 colours or more, the minimum order is 3000 units.

What if you need a quantity of less than 3000 units?

We have a ready-to-go collection designed for smaller businesses, ideal for small orders and quick delivery. It is a collection with over 400 models available that can be purchased from 100 units. Also, for these quantities will be possible to customize with dies, silkscreen printing, nickel transfer, epoxy stickers and paper bands. Please consult us to know the available models.

What kind of material do they use?

As a rule, we use 0.23mm tinplate, but the grammage is adapted to the size of the package to ensure its resistance.

Is your packaging suitable for food?

Yes, we have a special treatment for food packaging that allows direct contact with food.

Do you provide trays for better packaging of the products?

Yes, we have several solutions for better packaging of the product inside the metal packaging. You can choose trays in foam, pasteboard, plastic, or ecological trays, within a wide variety of colours and thicknesses available.

What is the production time?

Production and delivery times always depend on the complexity of the project, this information is provided when placing the order.

And if you need a new mould, how much might it cost?

Manufacturing a mould from scratch is not only time consuming but also expensive. To optimize costs, it will be necessary to manufacture large quantities. For this reason, we recommend using an existing mould. We have more than 2000 moulds available, which can be adapted to various package heights.

Where can I consult the existing moulds?

To have information about the existing moulds, contact our Commercial Department by email info@metalpack.hk

How does packaging design work?

We send to the client all the elements necessary for the development of the packaging design. After receiving the final artwork, our Designers make sure that the file has the right parameters so that the printing is perfect. However, if you need design services, we have our Creative Department at your disposal.

How can I contact customer service?

You can contact our Customer Service by email at info@metalpack.hk

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, all our metal packaging is 100% recyclable continuously.

Is your packaging certified?

Yes, all our packaging is certified by various entities.