How packaging can influence sales growth

One of the primary functions of packaging is to maintain product quality, but nowadays the consumer demands a lot more from packaging. Next, we’ll talk about how packaging can influence the sales increase of your products.

The formats and functionalities that can be added to the packaging, as well as the environmental grip of the packaging, greatly influence the purchase decision. In this sense, packaging in PVD is currently one of the most powerful criteria for influencing the purchase of a product. The consumer is attracted by criteria such as design, available information, functionality, product protection and, increasingly, environmental sustainability.

Factors that add emotional value depending on the purpose of the purchase will also have considerable weight in the purchase decision. For example, if the objective is to buy a gift product, plus such things as the packaging having a music box or carefully chosen fragrances will arouse the impulse to buy the product.

When the customer has environmental concerns that influence their purchasing choices, packaging that can be reused later as a piggy bank or even to store objects is also a decisive factor, as is the material itself being eco-friendly.

As the packaging of the same product segment are usually identical, any detail that highlights your packaging, whether in shape, colour, or finish can be significant for your product to stand out at the POS.

METALpack® packaging combines all the important characteristics of packaging and becomes an excellent option compared to other materials. They can be used for all kinds of products from different sectors of activity. Besides adequately protecting the integrity of the contents, due to their resistance, opacity and protection against oxygen and humidity, they are lightweight. At the same time, they are versatile, both in formats, finishes and personalization giving the necessary differentiation to stand out at the POS and, last but not least, they are 100% recyclable.