olive oil packaging

The relevance of packaging for conservation of olive oil

Olive oil is a delicate product that requires care to extract the maximum flavour and nutritional benefits. Preserving it properly in order to preserve its nutrients brings advantages in the diet and, consequently, in health. So, what is the relevance of packaging for preserving olive oil?

Different packaging is used for different brands or ranges of olive oil. A transversal characteristic is that the packaging is dark in order to protect the nutritional properties of the product. In this respect, as is well known, metal packaging wins by a large margin by being completely opaque.

Metal containers have many advantages for storing olive oil. In addition to offering protection against light and oxygen, they are also very resistant, a factor that also wins out over plastic or glass packaging.

Metal packaging is ideal for premium olive oils, distinguished by their superior quality and sophisticated touch, which, with METALpack packaging, harmoniously combine product quality and packaging elegance.

Therefore, the cans can conserve well the oil, provided that they are lined with metal components that do not alter the properties of the oil, a treatment that METALpack® offers.