Why should you choose metal packaging for your business?

Why should you choose metal packaging for your business?

Studies indicate that almost 40% of purchases are strongly influenced by the appearance of the packaging. Obviously, the effectiveness of packaging in influencing the purchase decision varies according to the product, brand profile and target. Here’s why you should choose metal packaging for your business.

In the buying process, the first step is to have the consumer look at and pick up the product from the shelf. This step is essential for the rest to unfold and the experience with the packaging will greatly influence the purchase decision.

As the packaging of the same product segment are usually identical, any detail that highlights your packaging, whether in material, shape, colour, or finish can be significant to get your product into the hands of your potential customer. In this field, metal cans have the advantage of differentiation that will make your product stand out at the POS.

Also, the customer’s perception of the product quality will be influenced, since most customers see the packaging and the product as one. By opting for metal packaging, you are undeniably contributing to an increase in the customer’s perception of your product quality.

The first function of the packaging is to protect the product, ensuring its physical integrity and product quality. Also, in this point the metal packaging wins points, because despite being light, they are resistant and their characteristics of opacity and protection to oxygen and moisture are ideal for the protection of products.

Another relevant factor in metal packaging is that it perpetuates your brand, through packaging, in the customer’s home. A metal packaging is more easily stored and reused in the consumer’s home, compared to packaging made of other materials that is easily discarded.

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